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Academic Publications

My academic research on self-organised community-scale action on sustainability has produced a number of books, journal articles and book chapters. The best-maintained list of my publications is on my ResearchGate page, where full texts of all items are available either directly or on request. I also have profiles on Academia.Edu and Google Scholar that I visit less frequently.

My blog The Earth Punk Chronicles highlights my current work, and is also open as a co-creation space for potential co-authors and research collaborators. Please check that out, and get in touch if you’re interested in contributing.

List of my publications

Esteves, A. M., A. Genus, T. Henfrey, G. Penha‐Lopes & M. East (2021). Sustainable entrepreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals: Community‐led initiatives, the social solidarity economy and commons ecologies. Business Strategy and the Environment.

2020: Relationships between scientific ecology and knowledge of primate ecology of Wapishana subsistence hunters in Guyana. In: Urbani, B., Lizarralde, M. (Eds.). Neotropical Ethnoprimatology: Indigenous Peoples’ Perceptions of and Interactions with Nonhuman Primates. Springer Nature Switzerland AG (Ethnobiology Series). Pp. 263-282.

Sciullo, A. A. Wierling, O. Arrobbio, S. Delvaux, G.W. Gilcrease, J.S.Gregg, T. Henfrey & D. Padovan. 2020. Collective Action Initiatives in the Energy Transition. Supporters of a strong sustainability paradigm? In A. Diemer, E. Nedelciu, M. Schellens, M. Morales & M. Oostdijk (eds.) Paradigms, Models, Scenarios and Practices for Strong Sustainability. Pp. 257-271. Editions Oeconomia.

Penha-Lopes, G. & T. Henfrey, 2019. Regenerating Sustainability Through Community-Led Initiatives. In Dyer, J. & C. Wilson (eds.) Creative Responses to Sustainability: Green Guide for Portugal. Porto: and Ci.CLO Bienal Fotografia.

Henfrey, T., A.M.Esteves, M.East, A.Genus & G. Penha-Lopes, 2019. Community-Led Initiatives and the Social Solidarity Economy: Commons Ecologies for Delivering and Re-Imagining the Sustainable Development Goals. Draft paper prepared in response to the UNTFSSE Call for Papers 2018 Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals: What Role for Social and Solidarity Economy?

Penha-Lopes, G. & T. Henfrey, 2019. Reshaping the Future: how local communities are catalysing social, economic and ecological transformation in Europe. The first Status Report on Community-led Action on Sustainability and Climate Change in Europe. Brussels: ECOLISE.

Henfrey, T. & G. Penha-Lopes, 2019. Recoupling through regeneration: Community-led initiatives and the re-imagining of economic and social policy. Global Solutions Journal 4 : 254-259.

2018. Edges, fringes, frontiers: Integral ecology, indigenous knowledge and sustainability in Guyana. New York: Berghahn Books.

2018. Designing for Resilience: Permaculture as a transdisciplinary methodology in applied resilience research. Ecology and Society 23(2): 33.

Henfrey, T. & G. Penha-Lopes, 2018.  Policy and Community-Led Action on Sustainability and Climate Change: Paradox and Possibility in the Interstices. Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.

Henfrey, T. & L. Ford, 2018. Permacultures of transformation: steps to a cultural ecology of environmental action. Journal of Political Ecology 25: 104-119.

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