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Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing takes an integrated approach, working to activate inherent capacities for regeneration and renewal at physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. It directly addresses root causes of illness, bringing to light issues that keep us from our natural state of contentment and good health and finding paths to their resolution. Supported by a clear and focused healing intention, it can rapidly shift barriers to the effectiveness of other therapeutic methods and create optimum conditions for long-term flourishing.

My approach

My training and experience cover all the main healing methods in core shamanism, including soul retrieval, power retrieval, extraction and psychopomp, along with depossession and use of sound and light. I have run a public healing practice since 2016, which over that time has evolved to combine these approaches flexibly according to the needs and capacity of the client and following the guidance of allies and helpers from the spirit world. My role is that of a facilitator and mediator between these spirit helpers and the client’s healing process. I make no concrete claims as to therapeutic outcomes, which ultimately depend on the client’s willingness to take responsibility for their own healing and accept the gifts the spirit world offers to support this.

How it works

Following an initial verbal consultation, in-person or by phone, I will consult with my spirit helpers to establish whether and how I can support you on your healing journey. These first steps are usually free of charge. From there, we may proceed to one or more dedicated healing sessions customised to your specific needs, which may take place in-person or online. This can include developing your own shamanic journeying practice that will enable you to work directly with the spirit world following our time together.

Pricing and exchange

Fees are flexible according to means, as well as the nature, duration and number of sessions involved. I am happy to negotiate reduced rates or non-monetary forms of exchange with activists for environmental and social justice living on reduced incomes. Those on high incomes may wish to pay a supplement, which I will use to subsidise working at low or zero cost with people experiencing financial scarcity.

I am also available for bespoke consultations on shamanic healing for groups, projects and places. If you are interested in exploring this, please contact me with details.