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Shamanic Teaching​

I am a teacher of core shamanism, a set of techniques centred on the drum-led shamanic journey and also embracing nature connection, sound and movement. I offer training at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, feeding into the unique Shamanic Political Ecology training programme.

Introductory trainings are usually scheduled twice per year as residential weekends at dedicated retreat centres in Portugal. They can also be organised on demand for dedicated groups, either in-person or online. They are suitable for those with no previous experience of shamanic work or for those who wish to complement training in other shamanic modalities or with other teachers or build on an established personal shamanic practice. They provide participants with direct experience of journeying to the lower, upper and middle worlds of shamanic consciousness, along with guidance for taking this work further and integrating it into everyday life.

Intermediate trainings are an opportunity for participants to deepen their journeying practice and its application to practical issues arising in their life. They are offered as 3-4 day residentials and are open to those who have completed an introductory training with either me or another recognised teacher in core shamanism. They include the Foundations of Shamanic Political Ecology course, which is a prerequisite for entry into the full Shamanic Political Ecology Practitioner training.

I can also offer bespoke shamanic training, mentoring and/or coaching to individuals and groups. This can be combined with other offerings in shamanic healing, permaculture diploma tuition and research training according to the specific needs and possibilities that arise.