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Permaculture Diploma Tuition​

I am a Registration Level tutor on the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design, operated by the Permaculture Association (Britain). I welcome inquiries from existing or potential diploma apprentices interested in working with me, on an ongoing or one-off basis.

The Permaculture Diploma is a programme of advanced training open to anyone who holds a Permaculture Design Certificate. It involves largely self-directed study towards creation of a portfolio of ten completed designs of the apprentice’s choosing, over a timescale of two years or more. Apprentices have the option of ongoing support from a dedicated diploma tutor and the opportunity to join a thriving and dynamic international community of apprentices, tutors and diploma holders. For more information on the programme, please consult the Permaculture Association’s diploma website.

I am particularly interested in working in my specialist areas of shamanism and research. Ideally, apprentices who choose me as their personal tutor will have an interest in exploring the creative edge between permaculture and one or both of these areas, as an active co-creator of the new field of Sacred Political Ecology. I can also offer design support tutorials or specialist tutorials in these areas to other apprentices and tutors in the diploma programme, or permaculture practitioners, designers or teachers not registered for the diploma but wishing to broaden their skills.

As a diploma apprentice, you will design and follow your own learning pathway. An emphasis on research might suit you if, for example, you are working towards a PhD or other postgraduate degree and wish to integrate an eco-social design perspective, are a professional researcher seeking stronger ethical alignment and practical impact in your work, are an academic wishing to transition out of university employment while still honouring and building on your existing professional skills and experience, or a permaculture practitioner wanting to strengthen the intellectual and/or analytical dimensions of your work. If you are part of a study cohort, research group or project team, you might also consider booking a bespoke permaculture research design training for your group.

An emphasis on shamanic practice might suit you if you are following the Shamanic Political Ecology programme and wish to combine it with formal training in permaculture, are a permaculture practitioner with an interest in shamanism as personal practice and form of service to your community (or have no strong commitment to shamanic practice, but are nonetheless interested in exploring how to apply shamanic tools and methods in your work), or are a shamanic practitioner (or in training to become one) wishing to combine this with an emphasis on practical action.

If you would like to arrange a tutorial, or discuss working with me as your personal diploma tutor, please get in touch.