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Sustainability Research

Building on my long track record in sustainability research, I am available to offer my expertise as a research consultant or member of a project team. I am also open to collaborations that complement my focus on Sacred Political Ecology, as an ongoing action inquiry with a focus on socio-cultural innovation in support of transformation to a sustainable and equitable society.

My input mainly addresses moving towards a Mode 3 orientation, where research itself aims to contribute directly to eco-social transformation via a focus on environmental and social justice, as ways of being as well as objects of inquiry and intended outcomes. This can involve supporting researcher-led projects to collaborate more effectively with social change activists and employ transformative perspectives or methodologies, or practitioner-led projects to increase their academic credibility and rigour.

My academic publications and books give an indication of my previous experience and expertise. My Earth Punk Chronicles blog describes my current interests, and provides both a dissemination channel and space to explore new research collaborations.