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Professional Services

I offer a range of services in my core professional areas of research, community action for sustainability, and shamanic practice. My key skills and interests lie at the intersections of these fields, and in particular their integration in the field of Sacred Political Ecology. I am happy to discuss bespoke packages that combine any of these.

Alongside the further development of this body of formal publications, I have launched a new blog, The Earth Punk Chronicles, as a co-creation platform where various collaborators and I are setting out the scientific foundations for Sacred Political Ecology.

This website also includes a number of shorter articles, which give my take on key concepts employed in my work

  • Writing, editing and proof-reading
  • Design, organisation, delivery and facilitation of events
  • Workshops, trainings and learning activities for groups
  • Individual training, mentoring, healing and guidance
  • Speaking, lectures and seminars


Prices vary according to the nature of the work and the needs and circumstances of the client. I am also happy to discuss non-monetary arrangements such as time exchange, gift economy and dharma economy with community groups, activist projects and people experiencing financial scarcity while working for positive environmental and social change.